Introduction: Ice Creamcups LED Lights

I made fancy LED light with ice creamcups and CDS

Step 1: Materials

for making ice creamcups led fancy light we need following materials .
(1) 41 LEDs 3.2v 5mm (25 white and 16 blue).
(2) 08 CDs.
(3) 2 resistors (1M ohms and 10 ohm).
(4) 4 Diods1N4007 .
(5) 2 capacitors 470nf 275v.
(6) 1 capacitor 10uf 400v.
(7) Sigorta (Fuse with holder).
(8) connecting wires.
(9) circuit board .
(10) cardboard.
(1) soldering with Iron.
(2) nose plier
(3) plier .
(4) adhesive
(5) scotch tape .
(6) steel nails.

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard.

measured cardboard 26 square inches and cut it.

Step 3: Making Circuit.

connect the components according to circuit diagram . first of all connect the two 470nf capacitor and 1Mohms resistor in parallel then connect one terminal of capacitor with bridge rectifier the other terminal of rectifier must be connected with 10ohms resistor. third terminal of rectifier bridge is connected with 10uf capacitor which in turn is connected with the 10ohm with resistor . the fourth terminal of rectifier bridge is connected with sigorta(fuse with holder) which in turn is connected with switch by wire another wire of switch is connected with the first capacitor .

Step 4: Fitting LEDs in Cups.

in this step made holes at the center of each cups. then arrange the cups in the form of semiball and connect them by stepler or adhesive .then fit the LEDs in such away that one circle is white and another is blue and connect all these LEDs with each other in series then connect these LEDs with the circuit.

Step 5: Decorating the LEDs Lights .

cut CDs and fix them around semiballs of LEDs .

Step 6: Fixing .

fix this lights on cardboard and then fix on wall by steel nails.