Introduction: Ice Melt or Fertilizer Spreader Made From Discarded Materials

Most of my instructables are involved and somewhat complicated. This one, however, is extremely simple and can be made by anyone with minimal tools and materials which are trash that would normally be thrown out.

The goal is to build a spreader that is perfect for ice melt in the winter and fertilizer in the summer. While the construction may be simple, don't let that fool you. It is extremely functional and, in my opinion, works far better than any store bought spreader.

I made a YouTube video showing how it was built and how it can be used. You can watch that here if you are interested.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

The tools and materials are simple and something that anyone will have on hand.


  • Two liter Bottle - make sure that it is empty and dry
  • Milk Jug - just as the two liter bottle, make sure that the milk jug is empty and dry.


  • Utility knife and/or Scissors
  • Duct tape

Step 2: Cut the Top Off the 2 Liter Bottle

Nuff said.

Step 3: Attach the Top to the Bottom

Take the top of the 2 liter bottle that we cut off in the last step (discard the bottom) and attach it to the top of the milk jug using duct tape. The Ice melt or fertilizer or whatever will rest in the jug and come out the tops and so it is important that the seam be as smooth as possible and so be careful to line it up exactly and secure it tightly.

Step 4: Fill the Container

It is now complete. Filling the container from the top is simple because the top acts as a funnel. It works best with fertilizer or ice melt that are like small like pebbles. Very fine materials will not spread as well. I generally use calcium chloride which works very well. Rock salt or other crystal ice melts will work fine, but be careful to ensure that there is no moisture or else it will clump up and clog the opening. It is spring now and I recently used one of these spreaders to lay out some slug bait pellets and it worked beautifully.

Step 5: Enjoy!!

Like I said, I think that this spreader works better than anything that you can buy. The flair of the two liter bottle flings and spreads the materials as close or as far as you need. I have built a few, some of which I use in the winter and others that I use in summer.

The best part is that you have reused materials that were headed for the bin and made your life just a tad bit easier.

I hope that you enjoyed this article. If you did, be sure to check out my other instructables and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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