Introduction: Zombie Ice Hand

In today's Instructable we will be making a Ice Zombie Hand.

Now as someone who loves craft's but is a bit of a noob I wanted to make something easy AND fun. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this easy zombie hand you can make with thing's you have around the house! :D


1 Paintbrush
Acrylic Paint
A handful of Feather's
Rubber Cement (Tip: it has a strong smell so if you dislike strong smell's I suggest School Glue.)
1 Rubber Glove
A handful of Slice Almond's

Step 1: Making the Actual Hand

First, fill the Rubber Glove up with the water until you are about near the wrist area but have room to tape or tie it off. Once you have filled the Glove up then you can either knot it off or use Duct Tape and seal it off. Then, You put your glove in the freezer for 4-5 hour's.

Step 2: Releasing Your Inner Bob Ross

After your hand has been fully solid and frozen you can start the fun part! :D I used Burnt Umber and Forest Green Acrylic Paint but you can use whatever works for you. (Tip: Aluminum works great as a sheet to put down and mix paint on during this process while keeping the mess to a minimum.) Now grab your paintbrushes and paint and start painting your hand while putting it back in the freezer after the top part is done. After the top part is finished you can flip and paint the bottom of it. (Don't worry if the bottom is flat like mine was it even makes it easier for pictures and balance.) After This you put it back into the freezer to dry again.

Step 3: Adding Feather's, Fingernail's, and Anything You Want!

Now that the painting process is complete we can add the fingernail's and feather's by simply gluing them on where you would like them and putting it back into the freezer for the final time to dry and stick. Now we wait about 20-30 minutes. Once that is done then you can finally use it for a spooky Decoration! :D Have a Great Day!

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