Introduction: Ice Claws

20 days ago I was in the field. And there was snow and ice...and I slip down. So, I decided to buy ice cleats/crampons. Well, here was limit on real alps high quality stuffs ... i.e. high prices. So, went to nearby metalworking shop...

Step 1: Start

T profile plate 2 mm thick. with holes for screws. Zinc protected against rust. A 25 mm steel screws, zinc protected, for metal. Self drive in.

Step 2: Tool

I took a saw, a rasp and a rasp and a wrench....shorten T profile, extend holes for future strip, and start to screw bolts. Some holes should to be adjusted, to match the screw.

Step 3: Looking How Should Be Fastened

As you can see,  some heads of bolts suddenly find a place between ribs...

Step 4: Reinforcements

In spite the bolts hold tight in T plate, to avoid unscrewing, I decide to use small torch and put simple zinc wire to fasten heads....  after I cleaned - wash this with gasoline.

Step 5: Testing

Well, later I add strip and clips, and tray it out in the field on frozen waterfall...
I menage to stand still and secure, to move, to climb, to take a photos ... from the point which is without this..... impossible.

Step 6: This Is That

That is this.
Well, now I have help, for eventual situation. Not heavily to carry in backpack, cheap and strong. 
Its work for me,

Yours on your  responsibility.

Sincerely yours.