Ice-hockey Puck With LED Lights for Playing in the Dark




Introduction: Ice-hockey Puck With LED Lights for Playing in the Dark

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In winter it is a great fun to play ice hockey on the frozen lakes. The days are short and it gets dark early.
Usually there are no illumination for the lake, so at some moment it gets hard to see the puck.
Ice-hockey puck with LED lights allows to continue to play hockey after it has become dark.

Some graffitty artists in the USA noticed that one can tape a LED to a miniature 3 V Litium cell and this thing will shine for several days. These are named Throwies as one can tape a magnet and throw the thing to stick on some metal surface.
You can tape a  throwie to each side of the puck to make it shine and be well visible in the night on the ice.
This is very simple and fast compared to the AAA method..

AAA batteries inside the puck
Several pucks got drilled holesduring last 4 years. Hard hits were OK. Two AAA batteries are sufficient for 1 season.
Switching on was done by twisting togather two wires. For transportation fixed theese wires with a tape so that they did not touch.
 At home dried the puck by putting it in a warm place. There is too much work compared to throwies version.

Goal posts with LED lights.
Parts used: old mobile phone accus or 3V Lithium battery
two-pin socket with wires from old PC
White LED Plastic container (food box or some plastic bottle in milk color ).

For charging I connect all batteries in paralell and connect to a LiPo charger. Note: use only correct charger as LiPo can explode if charged incorectly.

Be carefull on ice! Go on the ice when temperature is below -7C for 3 days and there are no underwater currents (river exits). Places where water-grass grows do not freeze so well.

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    happi cat #71

    Aah, I love this! Very ingenious. How should it be stored, as I could imagine I can't put this in my freezer long term? =^..^=


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! thanks for good comments. Upon coming home, can put it on a room heater to dry.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like the idea but i don't think that you should be skating on a lake at night because who knows what could happen