Introduction: Iced Tea Beer

This is a fun little trick do do that, if done properly, looks exactly like real beer. All you need is: Iced tea powder Carbonated water (it is convenient to have a soda stream) Beer glass (I use a regular glass here) And a spoon to stir the concoction I stumbled upon this trick by accident in Germany. In Germany, we have a lot of Sprudel (carbonated water). I try new things with it all the time. So we have these iced tea pellets you can buy from Aldi, which is basically a cross between a convenience store and a grocery store (i call it a convenience store on steroids). I thought "hey, i have carbonated water and iced tea pellets, so ill make iced tea soda!" So i poured some pellets in a glass and expected to see carbonated iced tea when I poured the water over the pellets. But to my amazement, when I poured the water, it formed a huge crown of micro-suds and left golden water underneath the crown. It looked exactly like beer to me. So I drank it, and it was good! Tasted like iced tea, looked like beer! I had just discovered iced tea beer. And the cool thing is, it is non-alcoholic.

Step 1: Get Carbonated Water (or Make It Yourself With a Sodastream)

Carbonate a bottle of water so that it bubbles a lot. Let it stand for a minute to air out a bit. This step is optional if you are using store-bought sprudel

Step 2: Get Some Powder in the Glass

Pour some powder in the glass. Experiment to see what amount is best for you

Step 3: Pour and Stir

Be sure to tilt the glass and pour like you would real beer. Stir well

Step 4: Enjoy!

Drink it! If you don't like it, then add or remove powder until it tastes like you want it.