Ideal IKEA Kitchen

Introduction: Ideal IKEA Kitchen


Project in process....As easy as 1-2-3

Who doesn't want to redo their kitchen? For that IKEA is the place... We couldn't afford to do it at once so the flexible system allowed us to start this project without loosing the entire kitchen...

We bought our first place two years ago and had only one idea for a kitchen and that was IKEA! Using the IKEA Home Planner, we first came up with our design. Remember measure twice, cut (install) once. With that in mind, the transformation started.

1. Think color first. We wanted to create a vibrant yet relaxing environment so we paint the walls a soothing, soft green

2. Next remove the old... The outdated cabinets and peel-n-stick linoleum tile were out of place, so we replaced the floors throughout the kitchen and living room to unify the spaces. Be sure to clean the space for the new cabinets...

3. Implement the plan...separate a day for a trip to IKEA  and have fun in the islands looking for the cabinets and accessories.... Installation is a cinch using the easy-to-follow instructions.

With IKEA a dream can become a reality. Our dream is still in progress, an affordable yet contemporary looking kitchen. Help us to complete this dream!!! We could be a $1000 closer!!!

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