Introduction: Iguana Cage

This is my first instructable so bare with me.... I had an old big screen tv that had went bad, so instead of tossing it i had an idea to make a fish tank out of it. After doing the reserch on the materials i found that the acrylic was out of my budjet. Then I walked into my sons room and seen the Iguana. ???? A light bulb went off, and so this is my outcome. Enjoy... PLEASE VOTE - pet contest.

Step 1: Destruction

This project is not much to instruct on but more to give you ideas. All I did was took everything out of the tv, all the bulbs, boards, speakers.

Step 2: Start

Next i found some old indoor out door carpet i had used on another project and cut it to fit the tv. I decided to use both the top and the bottom of the tv. The top half for basking and show and the bottom for feeding and water.

Step 3: Decoration

I went to Hobby Lobby and found some Ivy and a Fern (Fake Plants) to place in. I decided to keep the mirror in he kinda likes looking at himself. After placing the plants i was not satisfied it needed more. So when i was out side i seen the Flower bed and some nice looking drift wood. I broke it so that it would fit and now this is what i have.

Step 4: Conclusion

As a last step im going to install a mister and have it ran to the power button on the tv. Then to add some humidity you just turn on the tv :). Thanks and I hope you guys like my first instructable.

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