Introduction: Iguana Snare

Catching pole and snare for invasive iguana species. Use for trapping critters and disposing of them to clean your property. Floridians who suffer from these lizards digging up their ground and eating their plants- this is a must have. Would not recommend for 16 and under. Affordable and easy to assemble. Not intended for use on other animals such as dogs. Gloves recommended when handling iguanas as they have sharp teeth and bite when provoked.


  • One 6ft telescopic/extension pole (pole that can be adjusted to be longer or shorter)
  • One 8ft steel cable or wire (the one I used is plastic coated)
  • One drill with 5/16 sized drill bit
  • One hammer
  • One pair of pliers (any type- I used wire pliers)
  • One eye hook and nut kit (make sure drill bit size matches size of end of eye hook)
  • Two ferrules (comes in a kit) Also called swages or double sleeve

Note: All items can be purchased from Home Depot for about $40.00; however, this assumes you don’t already have a hammer, pliers, or drill around

Step 1: Drilling

  • Fit drill with 5/16 bit
  • Drill 3 holes
    • Bottom of pole (handle) directly though middle, oriented down length of pole
    • Top of pole directly through middle, oriented down length of pole
    • Side of pole for eyehook about an inch from top. Drill perpendicular to top hole

Step 2: Eyehook

  • Thread eye hook through hole drilled in side of pole an inch from top
  • Screw nut on with fingers until tension is felt, then continue to tighten with pliers until flush against pole
  • Check to see if eyehook is loose. Tighten until you cannot move eyehook

Step 3: Cable

  • Take 8ft of steel cable and thread through the length of pole until cable hangs through bottom of pole
  • Cable should flow freely through pole with little resistance

Note: Cable often precut at store; however, if you choose to adjust measurements to fit a larger or smaller pole, cable (fence) cutters ca be used to cut cable

Step 4: Top of Pole Ferrule (Double Sleeve or Swage) and Hammering

First make sure you have 2 sets of ferrules/double sleeves/swages: one for top of cable and one for bottom. You will not need the "Stop" part of the kit.

  • Take top portion of top cable and thread through one end of 1st ferrule hole
  • Feed about 2in of cable through loop of eyehook
  • Thread 2in of cable through other hole of ferrule. A small, barely noticeable portion of cable should be protruding from ferrule
  • Hammer ferrule on broad side until flat and cable does not move

Step 5: Bottom of Pole Ferrule (Double Sleeve or Swage) and Hammering

  • Take bottom portion of bottom cable and thread through 2nd ferrule hold
  • Feed about 6 and 1/4in through ferrule (enough cable to make a handle- I have smaller hands so 6 1/4in worked well
  • Create loop "handle" with cable and thread through other hole of 2nd ferrule. A small, unnoticeable portion of cable should be protruding from ferrule
  • Hammer ferrule until flat and cable does not move

Step 6: Finished Iguana Snare

  • Finished product should have noose at top end, handle at bottom, and be activated by pulling bottom cable until desired size of noose is reached
  • To use:dangle noose in front of iguana and allow reptile to run into noose or carefully drape noose over head and pull tight. Pull cable taut. You have caught an iguana