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Introduction: Ikea Bike Rack Hack

About: Bay area born and raised Brooklyn transplant.

Over the years cycling has taking over more and more of my life. Starting as kid racing BMX to riding track bikes on city streets and now more expensive bikes with gears and gadgets. All these bikes I've collect for different scenarios are starting to take over my small Brooklyn apartment and thankfully Ikea has a solution, well sort of. I've owned at least one of these DIY racks for the last 7 years or so, and I love em.

I know, Ikea hacks are nothing new, especially around here. I've seen examples of this same bike rack hack here and on other websites, but with very little details, and no video to accompany it so I thought I'd create my own.

In this instructable I'll show how to make a bike rack out of mostly Ikea items. The great thing about this rack is it doesn't damage your walls from drilling holes like some other racks require.

This installation was shot at my friends apartment...

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here is a list of materials used for this project:


Home Depot/ Local Hardware Store:

  • 1—10ft 1/2 inch square aluminum pipe
  • 3—2 inch 1/4inch 20m bolts
  • 3—1/4inch 20m nuts
  • 3—1/4inch washers
  • 3—1/4inch lock washers

Around the House:

  • 1—old 700c inner tube

Here is a list of tools used for this project:

  • provided Ikea tools
  • drill
  • drill Bits
  • scissors
  • hacksaw
  • 2—crescent wrenches
  • level
  • sharpie

Step 2: Install Stolmen Post & End Fixtures

Follow the Ikea instructions for this part. It's fun because theirs are illustrated.

(I omitted the extra support struts provided with the Stolmen Post in my example)

Step 3: Measure, Cut, and Drill

  • Measure the bicycle's top tube and subtract 4 inches (to help when taking your bike off and on the rack).
  • Measure and mark the length of your bicycle top tube on the 1/2 aluminum piping with a sharpie.
  • Using the hacksaw cut the piping on the mark.
  • Place 2 Stolmen hooks flush at each end of the freshly cut 1/2 piping and mark with a sharpie the holes on top.
  • Measure half the legth of the 1/2 inch piping and mark with sharpie
  • Making sure the holes you marked are pointing away from you rest on top of the Stolmen end fixture centered with the sharpie line and mark the hole on bottom with a sharpie.
  • Drill holes in all three sharpie marks

Step 4: Install Hardware, Bike Frame Protectors, and Hang Bike(s)

  • Place 1/2 inch pipe on Stolmen End Fixture and install 1—1/4inch 20m bolt, 2—lockwashers, 2—washers, and nut
  • Place Stolmen Hook on one end of 1/2 pipe and instal 1—1/4inch 20m bolt, 2—lockwashers, 2—washers, and nut. (repeat process for second hook)
  • Using the crescent wrenches tighten all bolts
  • Again using the crescent wrench bend out hooks to make them wider (if you have a thick top tube or snug fit)
  • Using the scissors cut out 2-4 pieces of 4-5 inch inner tube strips and wiggle on to hooks.(they'll grip your bike frame better and protect them from scratches)
  • hang your bike your done!

*Bonus* If you have some spare toe clip straps use them to quickly tie your front wheel to the down tube so your wheels don't wiggle or turn while they're on the rack. I suggest supporting your local bike shop, but if you must internet, you can fine some cheap ones HERE.

It's been awhile since I made an instructables project, so please forgive me if I forgot a step in the instructions. Also let me know if you have an improvement or modification in the comments below.

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5 years ago

This is dope! I can't believe I didn't see this sooner. Miss you guys!

John Peter RobertS
John Peter RobertS

6 years ago

I found it, but it would be easier to find if the picture had a number?
I really like your idea.


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks. Post some images after you make yours.


6 years ago

Couldn't you just use two Stolmen poles and skip all the cutting and drilling?


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion.

You'd still need something horizontal that will hold the bikes, and if you're like me you own bikes of all different sizes. Two stands at say 12 inches apart may work for one kind of bike on the rack but may not work on a smaller bike on the same rack. This design gives you "customizable" sizes to hold all bikes on the same rack, big or small.

Also the Ikea Stolmen Post is by far the most expensive part in this design at $30. That's three times the amount of a 1/2 inch square pipe.