Ikea Hack, Galant Desk!

Introduction: Ikea Hack, Galant Desk!

     Here is an update from August 2014.  I have ignored this Instructable for two reasons.  It was my first and I have been damned busy with my life and haven't had time to revisit it!

     Well, that is about to change!  I have a new, older, desk and plan to update this old 'Ikea Hack!'  The original desk was from the 1970s, I have a new desk from the 1950s and plan to update this instructable by going, 'Back to the Future' with the design.  Now that i have a few years, under my belt, looking at the Instructables of others.  I plan to do a much better job and include photos that will complement the Instructable, not just fill the page.  Our entire kitchen is going Ikea and I have one all the work including the flooring, insulation in the walls and assembling the new Layout of the kitchen.  I'll 'do' that instructable, then redo the 'Ikea Desk Hack' anew!  Stay tuned!

I took apart an old school teachers desk, you know!  The 200 pound marvel with a REALLY THICK particle board top, came in that ugly Putty color and every room had one.  Anyway, I took it apart and took super accurate measurements of the mounting holes.  I transferred those measurements onto a 1.25" angle Iron frame and I was very careful to have the mounting holes land exactly in the center of the frame rails.  I placed the Angle Iron Frame so the drawers closed one inch from the outside edge of the Galant Desktop.  Then welded it solid, (Yes, it does not come apart now!) and assembled the tops on the new frame, then the desk drawers with the legs cut short to the drawer cabinets.  This way the desk is exactly high enough for my 6'4" height and I can clean under it.  WIth the extra stiff frame I do not use a center support leg.  It is super solid and looks really retro, complete with the old-school 'scars' in striking contest to the black brown desktop!  Photo Restoration, Wine Label design and printing, Video and Audio production, Music Production, this desk has all my equipment in and on it!  I plan to build another Ikea-Hack for the Big Screen Television I have yet to purchase.  When my 27" CRT finally dies, I'll go for it!  But for now, this desk is perfect for me!  Total Investment, less than 300 bucks!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    that's among the most complex ikea furniture assembly hacks around here!