Introduction: Ikea Hack: Rolling Storage Lack Coffee/Side Table

I stand on the shoulders of giants. With especial thanks to: SpaceSays and Jules Yap and drnutella and thebunnykingofnowhere.

I needed a compact coffee table that was mobile and cheap. After perusing Instructables and, I came up with my solution.

Here I present the Rolling Storage Lack, with Rolling action (inspired by Jules Yap and drnutella), Storage capability (as demonstrated by SpaceSays) and optimal engineering (courtesy of thebunnykingofnowhere's fabulous "interior" photographs).

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
Lacks (2)
Castors (4) I got mine from the local hardware shop, but Ikea also sells these ("Rill", I believe they are called). Make sure you get the type with a fixing plate. If your castors do not come with suitable screws, you will need these also.
3.5cm woodscrews (4) OPTIONAL
Construction adhesive and extruder
Tape is handy too.

Step 2: Assemble One Lack

in the usual way.

Step 3: Now for the "storage" Part

Because I was not planning on adding decorative embellishment to my Lack, I wanted to add interest by using all of the available legs. I did this by arranging four legs along opposite sides of the table.

First, measure optimal placement and mark.

Then, mask off the table to avoid mess.

Next, use construction adhesive (Liquid Nails or similar) to attach the other legs to the underside of the tabletop. Allow to set a little.

Step 4: "Storage" Part, Continued

To put the base on the now eight-legged Lack, put a dollop of construction adhesive on each of the eight legs.

Then place the base on (with crappy side up, at this stage). Squish it down fairly firmly, and allow to cure.

In my version, I have added screws to the four corner legs, as reinforcement. This can only be done on the corner legs, as there is only cardboard filler underneath the thin veneer for the other legs, giving screws nothing to hold to.

Adding these screws is easy. There is a built-in alignment hole for you! Just use a slim drill bit to drill right through the 'base' Lack and in to the block of chipboard in the base of the corner leg. Then screw in a screw.

Step 5: Rolling On!

Measure and mark placement for the castors. I placed them such that the castor baseplate was 1 cm from the edges of the base. This is because I didn't want the little wheels to stick out from under the table too much as it was moved about. Take care, though, because as seen in this Instructable by thebunnykingofnowhere, the corner block inside the Lack top of only about 6cm square.

Drill screw holes, and affix the castors!

Step 6: Flip to Finish

Turn over the fully assembled Rolling Storage Lack, and you are done. 

I think it looks vaguely American Craftsman-style. 

(That rumbling you hear is Gustav Stickley rolling in his grave)