Introduction: Ikea-Inspired Desk

There comes a time in a man's life where he wants a better desk. One with plenty of room to work, but that doesn't take up the entire room; one with storage, but that doesn't weigh a ton.

This desk can be made for about $30 worth of wood, a piece of glass from Ikea (transparent gray Malm glass top, 18 7/8x63"), some screws, and some paint. About $70 total. The frame is extremely light, but very sturdy with the top on it.

Step 1: Legs

The leg piece is made of:
2x - 1x3x30"
1x - 1x3x17 1/2"
1x - 1/2x17 1/2" dowel

Glue and screw the pieces together, short pieces sandwiched between the long pieces; the dowel is about 4" down from the top edge

Step 2: Bookcase

The bookcase is made of:
1x - 1/2x11 3/4x18 1/2" plywood
2x - 1/2x12x18 1/2" plywood
1x - 1/2x12x30" plywood
1x - 1/2x12x22" plywood
1x - 1/2x18 3/4x30" plywood
1x - 1/2x10" dowel
4x - 2" corner braces

The box of the case is formed with all of the plywood pieces, save the 11 3/4x18 1/2" piece. Using the picture as reference, the back is 19x30", the left side is 12x22", the top and bottom are 12x18 1/2", and the right side is 12x30". Glue and screw those pieces together.

Glue and screw the dowel through the top, about 3/4" in from the front and left side edges.

Drill the holes for the corner braces, which will support the shelf, so that the top of the brace is at 11" from the bottom; 2 braces per side.

Step 3: Top Frame

The top frame is made of:
2x - 1x4x63"
2x - 1x4x12"

Glue and screw, sandwiching the short pieces between the long pieces

Step 4: Frame Assembly/Painting

Get the top frame lined up with the leg piece and book case so the edges are flush, then screw (no glue!) together.

Paint the whole thing; don't forget to paint the removable shelf.

Install the corner braces.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Put one of the included squishy things at each corner and midpoint, then lay the glass on top, get it lined up correctly. And you're done! Easy peasy.