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I'm Federica from Italy, architect and mother of a 3 yo named Nicola. I love all my three jobs! ;-)

I am a huge Lego fan and I don't mind my kid playing with my own collection... but I was concerned about the pieces too small for his age!

So I decided to make him his very own building station.

I love creating kid-friendly cheap DIY projects (check my site, so I came up with this Ikea-based Lego table.

Let's see how to assemble it!

Step 1: What Will You Need

Get ready!

You'll need:
- a “Lack” side table from Ikea (, of your desided color;

- a Lego® Duplo® baseplate (38×38 cm) or 4 Lego® baseplate (25×25 cm each);

- a "Trofast" storage box from Ikea (, of your desired color;

- a PVC U-profile - 1 m length;

- bi-adhesive tape;

- tape measure or ruler;

- hacksaw;

- drill;

- screws and screwdriver;

- pencil.

Step 2: Assembly and Measurement

First of all, assemble the table following the instructions.

Then, using a ruler or a tape measure mark with a pencil:

- if your kid plays with Duplo® (or big Megabloks® - did you know they are modular?) bricks: a distance of 8,5 cm for each side, to center the baseplate on the top pf the table

- if your kid plays with normal Lego® (or Megabloks®) bricks, the length to consider to center the 4 baseplates is 2,5 cm on each side.

You can use plain color baseplates or the ones with roads.

Step 3: Stick on It!

Now let's turn the baseplate(s) upside down and stick on it several strips of bi-adhesive tape.

Then let's stick the baseplate(s) on the top of the table, using the markings made before as guidelines.

Step 4: Cutting and Piercing

Now let's cut in half the PVC U-profile with the hacksaw and make 3 holes with the drill, piercing both flanges; you can use this pattern: 5 cm from an edge, 3 from the other and abot 25 cm in the middle.

Step 5: Screwing the Profiles

Turn upside down the table and, giving a try positioning the Trofast storage box, screw the U-profiles to the table top with three screws for each side

Step 6: A Side Problem...

Flip the table back and insert, like a drawer, the Trofast storage box.

Sore point: the side bar with the containers. Ikea discontinued the "Bygel" products, which fit perfectly. There are other rails but they don't fit with the dimensions of Lack table.

So, what can you do? You can screw some containers (like these directly to the table's edge or don't consider them part of the project.

Step 7: Finish!

And finally... You got it!

Now... let's play!

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