Introduction: Ikea Rolling Storage Behemoth

In our school's new maker space we had a storage problem. We needed lots of storage, but needed to maximize countertop real estate and mobility My solution is this Ikea Storage Behemoth.

Step 1: Materials

From Ikea:

From elsewhere:

Step 2: Build Trofast Cabinets and Combine

The way I did it:

Build Trofast cabinets according to Ikea's instructions and glued the pegs and joints.

I flipped all 10 finished cabinets and screwed them together.

Next, I cut out space in the bottom to hold 2x4's on either side of cabinets. I used a circular saw and chisel. In hind site, I would precut the 2x4 slots before putting together the cabinets.

I attached the six wheels, flipped the behemoth onto the wheels and attached the countertop.

One person can move this around, but two would be more efficient.