Introduction: Ikea Standing Desk Hack

I recently got over a bulging disc with annular tears in my lower lumbar area (L4-L5/S1). I'd been reading about standing desks and had been curious about them for a while. After searching online and seeing the (what I believe to be) ridiculous prices I settled on a solution that you put on top of an existing desk ( It was a good solution and served me well although it was tough to justify at $300.00 for the dual-monitor model. My employer reimbursed me for the cost and I dove in feet first. Initially my back and legs would get sore after more than an hour standing but within a couple weeks I was standing half of the day or more. I was more alert, energetic, and focused on work. Somewhere along the way I decided that I'd never be without a standing desk again. Then I quit my job to start-up a company with a couple buddies. Having to leave this desk since my (now former) employer paid for it I decided to find something to use in my new home office. Searching online again I kept coming back to the Varidesk although that requires you to have an existing desk to put it on (which I didn't have). I found some Ikea standing desk hacks both at as well as other places online. I decided to take bits and pieces from a few I saw online as well as adding some elements to make it my own.

Step 1: Supplies and Initial Setup

Supplies: -

- (1) UTBY underframe #10117561 $99.00
(2) Galant Table Tops #website is not showing number online $80.00 ($40.00 each)
- (1) Set of (4) Capita Legs #20049538 (they have a 4" and 8" set, I used 8" due to my height) $12.00 (4"), $16.00 (8") 
- (1) Ekby White Shelf #10139596 (website says $20.00) I paid $25.00
- (2) Ekby Tocare White Brackets #10168720 ($5.00 each) $10.00
- (1) Signum Cable Management 30200253 $10.00
- (2) packages of 34 #8 1/2" Steel Screws (at Walmart) $2.00


Plastic cable ties and Velcro re-useable cable ties from Home Depot $8.00
Walmart High Back Airlift Adjustable Stool $80.00

Step 1:

Setup stainless steel frame/base per Ikea instructions with included hex wrench

Step 2: Attach 1st Table Top and 2nd Tier

Step 2:

First you lay the table top bottom up and put the frame on top.  I used a Sharpie marker to mark all the holes to attach the frame on the underside of the table top.  I then used a small drill bit to start a hole in each place for ease of inserting screws.  I then put the frame back on top of the table top and inserted all the screws.

Then I took the 2nd table top and placed it bottom up on the floor.  I positioned each of the Capita Leg anchor plates about 2.5" inches in from the corners (2.5" from both outside edges although you can adjust as you see fit as long as it supports).  I marked, drilled starter holes, and then attached the anchor plates via the same 1/2" screws I use throughout this project.

The I added the Signum cable management piece centered on the back of the first tier behind the metal lip on the frame.  Marked, drilled guide holes, and attached in the same manner as previous parts.

At this point you can set the 2nd tier on top of the main desk.  I don't personally have an issue with it sliding with the computer on top but you can (and I might end up) putting velcro or a non-slid pad under the supports for the 2nd tier.  This is where you will set your keyboard, mouse, trackpad, etc.

 ***Keep in mind that you want your elbow at a 90 degree angle when standing or as close to as possible.  The ideal height for your monitor(s) is eye height so you aren't leaning forward or backward to read the screen.***

Step 3: Add 3rd and Final Tier

At this point I figured out where I wanted the shelf brackets (I think about 4-5" in from the corners on the back edge of the 2nd tier.  I then set the 3rd tier (Ekby Tony shelf) on top of the brackets and placed where I would like it (centered directly over the 2nd tier and flush to the back edge of the brackets.  I marked holes under the 3rd tier to screw the mounts to the shelf.  I drilled guide holes and attached via the same screws.  This tier is where my monitor and my laptop (on top of a laptop stand from Officemax) go.  I now have a fully functional, custom standing desk that I can sit at with the stool I ordered from (#001783806) for $80.00.

All this needs is a plant, some decent speakers, and pictures to make it feel like my old office space but with a much cooler setup.

This is my first attempt at an instructable so please leave feedback if you like it.

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