Introduction: Ikea Trädfri LED Resetter

The IKEA Trädfri LED lights are nice but hard to reset with a normal light switch.

With this tool it's an easy job !

As soon as the program is loaded, it will switch on and off the IKEA LED six times, ON-time is shorter then the OFF-time. After it's ready, it will switch on the LED again. The reset sequence is time-critical.

You can repeat it by pressing the reset button of the Arduino.

Tested it many times with an IKEA Trädfri LED 1000 lm (E27, 12,5W), after the reset I tested it with a CONBEE2 by executing a search-job: the ZIGBEE stick found the LED without any issues. Also when I removed the LED from the ZIGBEE configuration (and used the resetter again), it still could find the new LED again.

If you have no succes with it, change the ON and OFF time. ON time is always shorter then the OFF time.


What do you need:

1) Arduino Uno (or Nano)

2) Solid State Module SSR-40 DA

3) 220Volt cable, wall-connector and bulb-fitting

4) Dupont cables: 1 black, 1 red

5) USB cable for Aduino

Step 1: Arduino Code

Tried to add the .ino file, but the instructable editor doesn't accept it... So, code in jpg format ;-)