Introduction: The Limoncello Grandma Ida

This is the recipe that I do here in Rome Limoncello, a traditional liqueur from Sorrento, pleasant, sweet but too much alcohol (approximately 50%). It should be drunk very cold.

4 kg biological lemons (8.82 lbs)
4 litros alcohol 95% (135.25 oz) ATTENTION ONLY TO THE FOOD USE
4 litros water (135.25 oz) (30 days later)
2 kg sugar (4.41 lbs) (30 days later)

A large glass jar
A big pot (30 days later)
Strainer and funnel (30 days later)

Step 1: Recipe


Wash the lemons well and cut the peel trying not to cut into the white part below the skin.
Put them into the jar and pour 4 liters of alcohol.
Close the jar and store it in a dry, dark place for at least 30 days

Step 2: 30 Days Later

Wash the bottles to be filled.
4 liters of warm water to dissolve the 2 kg of sugar.
When the water is cold pour the alcohol with the skins of the lemons into the water, stir and remove the skins with the colander.
Pour the limoncello into bottles and is ready to be tasted but it will be even better in a few weeks.
The colors tend to darken and the residue will settle to the bottom of the bottle.