Introduction: Illuminate Your Workspace

I had a single led to light up my entire keyboard for a while and it wasn't working out too well so I decided to go on a great oddesy into my garage and found a license plate light so i decided to use that instead of my led. READ ALL STEPS BEFORE PROCEEDING!!!

Step 1: Remove Previous Lights

remove whatever is in the way of where you are going to put you new light

Step 2: Gather Matirials

you need
-tape or other methods of mounting the light source
-scissors (if you are using tape)
-usb extension cable
-12 volt adapter (or other adapter that is the same voltage as the light source)
-light switch
-electrical tape
-phillips (star) screwdriver for the switch
-and of course a light source or 2

Step 3: Secure the Light Soures

secure the light source(s) and the switch using tape, screws or gum (i wouldn't recommend gum)

Step 4: Test the Lights

test the lights before and after you put them up

Step 5: Showing My Workspace

this is basically for the contest.

Step 6: Conclusion

after all that hard work (took me like an hour) you are finally done and now you can type in the dark

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