Illuminated Beer Pong



Introduction: Illuminated Beer Pong

The Illuminated Beer pong project was an idea that I got because of my annual beer pong tournament I organise at my birthday party.
The problem I came upon was that we mostly had to play in the backyard and because the party is at night you don’t have a lot of light to see the cups clearly. So I thought of a way to light the cups so that they can be seen clearly in the dark and it gives a nice party vibe.

What you need for this project is:

- 1x Arduino Uno

- 1x 7 segment 1 digits Led display

- 6x Led light (can be any color, I chose to use blue because they seem to shine brighter)

- 2x Beer pong cups (Transparent to make sure the light shines through)

- 2x Push buttons

- A nice looking box with holes for the cups and a hole for the Led display

- 2x Petri dishes or something similar to glue onto the push button and to put the cups on

- Prototyping board PCB (Make sure to buy enough for the 3 separate pieces)


- Breadboard (To prototype with, I soldered everything to make sure nothing came lose)

- SevSeg library to easily control the 7 segment 1 digit display

I will not go into detail in how to make the box, but I used “” to produce an easy laser cut case design. Make sure to keep in mind that the holes need to be big enough for the cups to fit into. Also make sure to leave enough space in the box so that the Arduino fits together with the petri dishes.

Step 1: Schematic

This is how I planned out the Illuminated Beer pong wiring.

Step 2: Coding

Below you can find the code I used for the project. I am not a programmer and not the best in programming, so there could be ways to make the code more efficient. I tried my best to comment as much as possible to describe what everything does.

Step 3: Final Product

Now all that is left is to build your custom box to display the cups on. I decided to build a mini display box that would keep the wiring safe.

As you can see in the image above, I divided the boards into 2 pieces. The piece for the 7 segment display and the first cup and the piece for the second cup and connected the boards with wires.

How you want to design the box is completely up to you!

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