Introduction: Illuminated LED Box Fan

About: I'm a 30 yr old Electrical Engineering Technology Graduate w/Bachelors of Science
I want to apologize in advance, but I can not supply pictures of the original fan I built off of. I made it for my ex and when she left, she took the fan with her. With that being said these are the following items needed for the construction of the box fan. I originally built this as a creative Christmas present that she could use as a night light and a fan.

Step 1: Buy Materials

-10K ohm potentiometer
-12 Volt switch
-Box Fan (I used a pink fan but white works just as well)
-Super Glue (used to hold the led strip to the box fan)
-12 Volt DC Power Supply
-Drill (used to make two holes for the potentiometer and the switch)
-12 volt 5050 SMD LED strip (Any color)

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill two holes on the top of the box fan that correspond directly to the size of the potentiometer and the switch you have decided on purchasing

Step 3: 12 Volt Power Supply

Cut off the end of the 12 Volt Power supply cable and splice (or install appropriate connectors) from the end of that cable to the switch you have purchased.

Step 4: Potentiometer

Connect potentiometer input to the switch

Step 5: LEDs

Connect LEDs to the end of the potentiometer

Step 6: Wiring Diagram

Be sure to connect everything correctly before actually mounting the leds to the inside of the box fan.

Step 7: TEST CIRCUIT!!!!

Once you have gotten the circuit constructed you can begin applying super glue to the box and putting the LEDs in place.

I was sceptical about using super glue, but after 6 months of the LEDs staying in place being completely upside down, I am very confident in using superglue to hold the LED strip in place.

Step 8: Plug and Play

Plug both the fan and the Led power supply into the wall and enjoy :)