Illuminator - a Key Holder for Your Home

Introduction: Illuminator - a Key Holder for Your Home

This is a Key holder plus Lamp inspired by Marshall Jack Rack. I designed it at National Institute of Design, as a part of Materials and Manufacturing technologies module.

I used Bamboo as the primary material for the lamp and a very simple circuitry.

This can be done in 4 simple steps

  • Cutting and making body
  • Joining
  • Circuitry
  • Finishing


For Casing,

  • Hollow Bamboo Piece -1 of length approximately 200mm, and outer dia 60mm
  • Bamboo Ply - A4 size 9 mm thick
  • MDF sheet 3mm thick - 250X80mm
  • Acrylic sheet- 200X100mm
  • Super Glue

For lamp,

  • Warm white LED strips - 10X150mm - 8 pieces
  • wires
  • AC to DC Driver
  • Plug
  • Electric Tape
  • 6.35mm audio jack male and female

Step 1: Planning

I have uploaded the cad file of the key holder where you can find all the dimensions of the key holder.

The rendered image is the expected product.

Step 2: Cutting and Making Body

  • I took a hollow bamboo of outer dia of 60mm and cut into two equal parts
  • Now take a Bamboo ply and make the marking according to the dimensions
  • for the front portion of the key holder, I have laser cut the 3mm thick MDF sheet. Please find the dxf file below.
  • Cut the acrylic sheet using profile cutter.

Step 3: Joining

  • join the bamboo halves to the rectangular bamboo ply using super glue.
  • in order to increases the strength mix the fevicol glue with bamboo dust and apply over the joints.
  • mark the back side of the body and cut it and glue it to the main body.
  • Now the main body is done. Still, the front and acrylic sheet are remaining to stick them to the main body. this we will do once the circuitry is done.
  • Take the laser cut MDF sheet and fix the female part of the audio jack to it.

Step 4: Circuitry

  • Please follow the following circuit diagram for the circuitry.
  • Connect two LED strips each in series to form a LED strip for one key.
  • Now paste all the LED strips on the bottom of of the body as shown in the figure.
  • Now Complete the circuit as shown in the figure.
  • solder the circuit wherever it is necessary
  • shorten the circuit of the audio jacks(male part) by connecting its two terminals.

Step 5: Finishing

  • Align the front face of the key holder to the body and stick it using super glue.
  • Now paste the upper acrylic cover to the body.
  • Paste the bamboo slivers on the gaps if any.
  • Give it a melamine coating for a polished surface
  • now attach your keys to the audio jacks.
  • There you go!! Your Illuminator, The key holder for your home is ready to use!!!

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