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Introduction: Illusion Circle

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This illusion appears to show a circle popping out of the page, in 3D. You can do this with other shapes, like a heart, but a circle is the easiest. Its easy to draw, by hand or online, and a cool way to impress your friends!

Step 1: - Gather Your Materials!

You will need . . .

By Hand -

1. A pencil or pen

2. A black marker

3. A ruler

4. Something to trace (round object)

Online -

Find a drawing tool you are comfortable using, I am using paint.

Step 2: - Start Off!

Start off by drawing a circle in the center of your page.

Step 3: - Landscape Lines!

Now start drawing evenly spaced lines across your page, like so. Instead of going straight through the circle, curve the lines on the upper half of the page upwards, and the lines on the bottom half downwards. Leave the line in the middle straight. The more curved the lines are, the more popped out the circle will look.

Step 4: - Vertical Lines!

Now do the same thing, but with lines going up and down on your page, curving lines on the left side to the left, and the lines on the right side to the right. Leave the line down the middle straight.

Step 5: - B & W!

Now color/paint your picture black and white like so, skipping spaces in between colors, and you are done! The circle should look like it is popping out of the page!

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    Me robot
    Me robot

    5 years ago

    i've done this with a hand using only horizontal lines before


    5 years ago

    coo I bet you can do it with tracing your hand