Introduction: Illusionist Locket Design for Friends

Hai friend i am back with new work a illusionist locket for friends. i seen many illusion lockets witch seen like heart . so i though that i cant give to every friend like that locket so i have re-design the locket witch work like illusion heart locket.

Step 1: Design

its the design and measurments for the illusion locket

Step 2: Materials

  • wood or your choice of 3 to 5mm thick sheet. i used acrylic sheet of 10x10cm sheet
  • screws
  • supper glue
  • grinder tools
  • a small wood ice for the spilt pin
  • magnets i got it from the old small speakers

Step 3: Files

this are the design witch are in dxf and pdf for laser cutting or print out

Step 4: Step by Step Process

  • the pin must cut in center in to 2 parts
  • the split pin is placed in the bottom base sheet hole
  • place the screw in the screw hole in the center sheet and glue the head and the nut of the screw to the center sheet in the screw hold slot
  • then glue the magnets in the magnets holes
  • now place the top sheet on the center sheet as in the images and glue the split pin to the top sheet
  • see if there is any problem in the locket and set it
  • now you can place the pictures of your friends and yours and gift them
  • the process is like the illusionist hart locket only the design is different


  • i have place the photo base 1mm below the center sheet surface so that the photo dosnot damages.
  • a chain holding hole is given at bottom sheet where u place a hook for the chain

Step 5: Final Out Put