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Introduction: Illustrated Memory Map

Hello Friends! Today we are going to create an illustration memory map.

Its the best way to keep in the memory your goals, important events, emotions and etc. And you will draw ypir map on your own!

What do we need? need a passion to create!

You can make your map using any medium: pencils, watercolors, markers or ... make a digital illustration (as an example I will create my map on iPad using ProCreate)

Step 1: Brainstorm

First of all we need to decide what an idea we want to illustrate. What is the best moments we want to keep in ouк memory?

As in example:

- Sport goals

- Graduation

- Relationship

- Creative Project

- even Recipe

So...I choose "Relationship"

Step 2: Milestones

Now we need to define the main milestones of our idea. What is the main points (events)?

For example... in my Relationship illustrated map I want to keep the fist meet, first date, first trip and etc.

Make a list and then choose 8-10 milestones that we are going to put in our map.

Step 3: Sketch It

And now we are going to put all milestones on the map and make rough sketch. Don't be afraid to draw) Relax and enjoy of the process.

I made it like a path using chronology ;)

Step 4: Choosing Colors

Now its time to choose the colors of our map.

I want to use a limited color palette so i will take onlu theese three colors.

Step 5: Time to Draw

The most interesting time is drawing!

Feel free to make anything you want!

I want to keep everything simple in my map)

Step 6: Finish

And now you can print your work (if its digital) and put it in the frame. You can even present it to someone )

As an example I used a mochup just to show you how my map look in the real life)))

P.S. also I will attach the link of my speedpaint that you can see my drawing prosess

Thank you for reading my Instructable! Hope you enjoyed!)))

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    2 years ago on Step 6

    I love this! From concept to graphics to display. It’s really lovely plus it can be applied to album making as first page. Than you!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Glad you like it! :) Thank you for feedback!