Introduction: Imaginitive Castle

Start with an empty workplane.

Step 1: Building the Base.

Drag a box onto the workplane, then set the height to 10.0 and the width and length to 180 centre in the workplane.

Step 2: Add Another Box

Add another box lift 10.0 into the air then set width and length to 160.0, then height to 10.0 centre on the first box.

Step 3: Creating a Ramp

Drag a wedge onto the workplane set length and height 20.0 and rotate 180 degrees set width to 160. Set the wedge to hole and place onto the shape to the dimensions of the second box.

Step 4: Building the Slope

repeat step 3 to all the other sides.

Step 5: Building a Tree

Drag a box onto the workplane scale width and length to 5.0 then height to 20.0 place 76.0 from the corner set colour to dark brown.

Now drag 'spruce' from the all shapes section page 5 levitate 20.0 and width 5.0 and length 20.0 and place it on top of the box.

Step 6: Doing the Same

create three other trees exactly the same and space them out just touching each other on the slope.

Now create four more trees and move them higher up the slope levitate them 6.0 group all trees and slopes.Make sure it is on multi colour

Step 7: Adding Detail

Find a fractual primrose and rotate 90 degrees and horizontally and 45 degrees vertically levitate to 0.0 and place against the slope on the adjacent right of the trees.set length to 130.0 height to 20.0 and width to 22.0 then group with the rest of the shape.

Step 8: Adding Towers

drag in a cylinder set width and length to 16.0 and height to 60.0 place them over the squares created by adding the wedge shaped hole.

Step 9: Adding Walls

Add three brick wall parts to the top of the creation then group them make the length 135.0 and the width 5.0 then scale the height to 30 and levitate 20.0.

Step 10: Adding Roofs

Drag a pyramid on top of the towers (cylinders) levitate 60.0 and set length and wdth to 18.0 then height to 20.0 change the colour to brown do this to all the cylindars then group.

Step 11: Adding Buildings

Drag a box change the colour to brown just inside the walls and set width to 20.0 and length to 88.8 then levitate 20.0 and set height to 20.0 and the colour to Grey. Now drag a roof onto the creation set the height 10.0 width and length the same as the box and levitate 40.0 pace this on top of the box and change the colour to brown

Step 12: Adding More Buildings

Add another box in another corner levitate 20.0 set all dimensions to 20.0 and change the colour to grey. Now place a roof on top set the roof height to 10.0 and then set length and width to 20.0.