Introduction: Impossible Dovetail Novelty Gift Box

3D-printing and demonstration of an "Impossible Dovetail" based novelty gift box, which is designed to be more interesting and applicable as a novelty gift box rather than just a puzzle.

The Fusion360 and STL files are available at for free download:

The printing was done with PLA (although ABS, PETG etc would also be suitable). The instructions below detail the process of making and using the puzzle/gift box.

The following video demonstrates the whole process.

Video Index

00:04 Overview/Introduction

01:00 How I got the Idea/Why do this?

01:45 How the Puzzle works/solving

02:25 What's Different/Novelty Box rather than Puzzle Box

03:15 The Design/3D Printing

04:48 Physical Assembly

06:20 Final Testing/Demo

Step 1: Starting Instructions

All the necessary instructions, tips and tricks are detailed in the youtube video.

In overview, all that is required is to download the Fusion360 file, make any changes or modifications you desire, output the STL file, then using your favorite slicer software, generate the g-code and then print out the parts.

Step 2: Preparing 3D Printing File

The Impossible Dovetail Novelty Gift Box has been modeled using Fusion360. The necessary file is provided for free at the following web site

If you want to modify the size and or the wording, this is easily done via uploading the model into Fusion360.

The STL file for 3D printing is also exported from Fusion360 after you have made any desired changes.

With the STL file, then use your favorite slicer software and generate the g-code for your model of 3D printer.

Step 3: Physical Assembly

Once all the 3D parts have been printed, the dovetail joint pieces will require some light sanding (with a file or sand-paper - the grit will depend upon your material) to ensure a smooth, but tight fit.

Then install the magnet and the small metal rod (demonstrated in the video if you need further information).

The puzzle/gift box is now ready to go!