Introduction: Impromptu Anchor

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We go canoeing every summer; on the way down river we stop at a lake to go swimming. But while swimming and jumping off the canoes the wind and current cause the canoes to drift away from the middle of the lake and each other. This year before heading out I decided to prevent this from occurring again.

I grabbed a few things I had on hand from the garage and basement and set out for some summertime canoeing fun.

Here were the conditions that I wanted to satisfy.
1) Prevent the canoe(s) from drifting,
2) Light weight for transporting and
3) Quick connect and release.

Follow along to make your own Impromptu Anchor.

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Step 1: Materials

1) Cloth Bag with Handles,
2) Rope (less than 20 feet),
3) 2 Carabiners and
4) A Rock.

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Complete: 3 minutes

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Step 2: Tie Off Carabiner

Make an Overhand knot on the Bight at each end of the Rope.
1) Make a Bight near the end of the Rope.
2) Cross the Bight over the the Rope then
3) Pull the Bight through the Loop until snug.
4) Slide the Knot threw the Carabiner.
5) Coil and slide the Rope threw the knot.
6) Pull the Knot Snug.
7) Repeat Steps 1 - 6 at the other end of the Rope.

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Step 3: The Anchor

Select the Rock somewhere along the trip. Choose the Rock depending upon the conditions of the weather or lake and how many canoes to secure. You may want a heavier Rock if choppy, it does not need to be really heavy you don't need to transport another 10+ lbs.

1) Insert the Rock into the Cloth Bag.
2) Slide the Cloth Bag onto the Carabiner.

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Step 4: Anchor the Anchor

1) Take the other end of the Rope and run it over the Thawrt and secure it with the Carabiner.
2) Drop your Impromptu Anchor over the side of the Gunwale and
3) Be confident about the canoe not drifting and go swimming.

I tied a few Overhand Knots on the Bight in the Rope for easy retrieval.

Notice the angle of the anchor line. That is as far as we drifted.

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Step 5: Observations & Summary


My conditions were satisfied and we all had a great time not having to worry about drifting canoes. This Impromptu Anchor worked Great! With only a few on simple hand items our canoeing crew enjoyed more playing on the water.

The benefits of your Impromptu Anchor are:
1) Prevent the canoe(s) from drifting,
2) Easy to make, use and store,
3) Light weight for transporting and
4) Quick connect and release.

I am satisfied with the results.

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