Introduction: Improve COOLBoard WiFi Range (cheap Trick)

Hello everybody,

today I will show you how to improve the COOLBoards (or quite any other ESP8266 based board) with this little mod.

We need:

  • Your COOLBoard (or quite an
  • 2 x 5 cm of wire

Step 1: Prepare Everything

Cut 2-3mm of isolation on each wire and put some tin on them (photo 1&2).

Put some tin on the end of the antenna on the microcontroller (see comment in photo 3).

Step 2: Solder and Test Everything

Solder one wire to the antenna and the other to the reset Button (photo 1).

Now let's check the signal. Photo 2 is before and photo 3 is after, you will have a 28% stronger signal (i will add db values later). Voila!

This cheap trick really improved the WiFi range of many of my ESP8266 projects ;)

Till next time!