Improve Power Conversion Efficiency

Introduction: Improve Power Conversion Efficiency

I designed a Power Bank internal DC-DC module that was using the XL6009 module and I wanted to boost efficiency by increasing the charging time. XL6009 DC-DC module for 3.5 ~ 4.2V conversion to 5V/0.9A efficiency of about 80 ~ 85%, with an average of about 82%, want the battery to provide more time must improve the conversion efficiency. I got this MP2155 samples to test, first, according to the EVB file reference circuit so that the module in the PCB peg board, the input and output capacitors using MLCC capacitor to reduce the loss and space.

MP2155 module for 3.5 ~ 4.2V conversion to 5V/0.9A efficiency of about 88 ~ 92%. :-)

Play the Pokemon go, mobile phone battery charge three time from 75%, 80%, 80% to 100%, Power Bank indicator LED has two lights, the battery voltage is 3.85V. Increase power conversion efficiency charging time increases a lot.

MP2155 refer to:

My Coffee Can Power Bank 3D files share location:

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