Improve Your Writing With Word Clouds!

Introduction: Improve Your Writing With Word Clouds!

Some words are overused and do not help convey the best illustration or emotion in a sentence and it would be better to use an alternative word.

Below are five sentences with an overused and boring underlined word that has many possible replacements. Please choose the sentence you would like to improve.

1. "It's time to go now, Alan," said his teacher.

2. Alex was feeling bad today.

3. Katie and John went to the park after lunch.

4. Today had been a great day for Andrew.

5. We looked at the storm clouds through the window.

Step 1: Go to

We can find alternative words from a thesaurus which gives synonyms, or words that convey a similar meaning or idea.

Take your underlined word (said, bad, went, great, or looked) from the chosen sentence and enter it at

This will generate a list of several words. Chose at least 15-20 possible words for your replacement list.

Step 2: Go to

Login or Click SIGN UP and enter email and password.

Step 3: Create

Click on the CREATE button. This will take you to a menu of options.

Step 4: Import Words

A box will pop up which will allow you to type in your words, or paste them. Enter your main word (the word you want to replace) at least three times on the list. Doing so will give it greater prominence or visibility in your word cloud. Enter your replacement words only one time. After entering all words, click on the import words button at the bottom of the box.

Step 5: Customize Your Cloud

Now you have the option to customize fonts, shapes, layouts, and colors by selecting those menu buttons.

Step 6: Visualize

Click on the visualize button to generate the word cloud image.

Step 7: Download and Share

You have the option to print your word cloud as well as download and share it. In order to share the cloud, it needs to be made public. The option to get a hyperlink will then be available. Copy that hyperlink to share.

Step 8: Fix Sentence With Word From Cloud

Choose a better descriptive word from your created word cloud and replace the overused word in your sentence.Reply to post to share.

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