Improve an Old T-shirt, Convert to a Henley Style Shirt (for Free)




Introduction: Improve an Old T-shirt, Convert to a Henley Style Shirt (for Free)

We all have a bunch of old shirts that have just lost their flair, nothing unique or cool about them left.  This instructable will show you how to make any ordinary shirt into a henley-type shirt (minus the buttons).  It's a pretty basic idea that I just thought of and finally tried, and I was satisfied with the results.  This is my first instructable and my sewing skills are rudimentary (although I did get first place in home-ec. in the 8th grade... yeah, big deal), so bear with me.

needle and thread

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Step 1: Step 1: Cutting

1. To start, find the center of your shirt.  A good guide is to line up with the center of the tag.  Once you find that, cut straight down the center of the front of the shirt about 3-4 inches, depending on your preference.

Step 2: Step 2: More Cutting (Optional Step)

2. This is more of a matter of preference, but I find it makes the shirt look cooler.  Cut the shirt's collar in half, meaning go around the whole collar and trim half of it off.  I just think that thinner collars look better, but that's just preference, and this step is 100% optional.

Step 3: Step 3: Sewing

3. This step is basically done so you don't tear the shirt in half when taking it off, but it also adds a nice accent.  So, pick whatever color thread you think would look good, and just kind of sew starting from the bottom of the cut and working up about a centimeter or a bit less, preference depending.  This sewing is done by hand, and I just sort of b.s. it, going across and up and then across and back down to finish it off, but it'll look good regardless.

Step 4: Step 4: Finish Up

4. Cut the extra threads, trim anything that needs to be trimmed, and you are done.  As you saw in the intro step, you can also make a slit in the collar so the flap folds over more easily, if you so wish.  This is a nice, easy and inexpensive way to have some cool-looking shirts that are different than the ordinary t-shirt.

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Thank you for reading along, have fun modifying your shirts, enjoy and tell me how they turn out!

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