Introduction: Improve the Flavor of Coffee Using This Method

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My husband has been drinking ready made coffee from the corner store. I started making coffee for him using tap water to save money. He said the homemade coffee tasted better than the store bought, but not significantly better. I decided that the problem must be our hard tap water.

My son mentioned that I could improve the flavor of the coffee without purchasing filtered water. I have been using his method as well as another method that has been used by our ancestors for many centuries.

This instructable will share how I improved the flavor of coffee without purchasing filtered water, using a few ingredients that I normally have on-hand and one one ingredient that I use for mulching the garden.

Follow through and let's make some tasty coffee.

Step 1: Ingredients and Utensils

This is what you will need:

Coffee of your choice

10 Cups Tap Water or filtered water I used tap water

1 Crushed egg shell from boiled egg ( You could sanitize the egg shells by boiling them if you won't be making boiled eggs.)

1 Tablespoon fresh squeezed Lemon Juice ( add or reduce depending on how much coffee you make)

1 Pinch of salt I use Pink salt

Coffee maker, filters, cup, and spoon

Step 2: Procedure

Pour water into coffee pot

Add pinch of pink salt

Add lemon juice


Place filter into the filter attachment and add coffee grounds

Top the coffee grounds with the santized crushed egg shells


Step 3: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

I have used this method for Folgers coffee and Organic coffee. I don't drink coffee but according to my husband the salt, lemon juice, and egg shells have greatly improved the coffee's flavor. If you would like to improve the flavor even more, instead of using tap water, try filtered water and organic coffee using these techniques. I don't think it will disappoint you. The egg shells reduce the bitterness in the coffee. The lemon juice and salt improve the flavor of the water.

Thanks for stopping by and do have a safe and "Happy New Year~"


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