Introduction: Improved Alarm Clock Tool

I live alone. I get up with an alarm clock, but it is difficult to get up every morning. I worry whether I can get up on time in the morning for an important meeting. One day I thought about a sure fire method to get up with an alarm clock. Because this is very effective, I want to share it with you. It will probably help you to get up in the morning.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

・Transparent box(※ Bigger than the cellphone)



・A whiteboard




・Hook with a magnet

・Soldering iron



・Alarm application to sound from the speaker(※ ex. Headset Indicator)

All materials that I mentioned can be bought at a dollar store. This box should be big enough to put a cellphone in it. In this case, the size of the box is 9×17.5×4.5 (cm). Since it looks smart to install speaker to the box with glue, this speaker should be smaller than the box’s side. In order not to be injured by the edge of the cut box, I sandpapered it. Whiteboard used to note an important event. Padlock used to lock the box. To prevent cellphone from being broken, cushion should be used. To get up easily in the morning, I use a speaker to make alarm sound much bigger. In place of a key, I’m going to use a hook.

Step 2: Attach One Side of the Box

It is too difficult to close both sides of the box, I fixed one side with cable ties. At first, I marked the five points at regular intervals for making the holes and made a hole on each point on the box by using a soldering iron. By passing cable tie through the holes, one side of the box is fixed.

(※ Be careful not to pull tightly.)

Step 3: Set the Padlock

On the center of the open side, make three holes by the same way to set the L shaped hooks on the lid and the box.

(※ Each hole should fit accurately.)

Lock the box with the padlock as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Attach the Speaker

Cut the box with the saw to install the speaker in it. Sand the cut edge to make it smooth. Fix the speaker with glue.

Step 5: Decorating the Box

Cut the surplus part of the cable tie and set a cushion to absorb impact. Make a hole in the box by using the drill to pass through the cable for charging the cellphone. I put woodgraining stickers to decorate the box, but you can decorate it however you like.

Step 6: Remodeling the Whiteboard

Remove the all sticks which whiteboard has on its back. Make two holes on one of the sticks. Set the stick on a back of whiteboard horizontally to hang it. Hang a whiteboard on the hook with a magnet on something which is capable of attaching a magnet on its surface like refrigerator.

I hope you can get up in the morning by using this.

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