Introduction: Improved Ipad Charger Cord>Sugru Night GeeksOK

Having seen a few of the other 'bles that concerned the Ipad cord I thought why not combine the two that seemed to work the best.

The plan was to build a better strain relief into the Cord using first a spring from a ball point pin and a package of Sugru.

Step 1: Prep

Obtain your needed supplies:

1 Ball point pen
1 or 2  5g packs of Sugru color is up to you.

Step 2: Build

Start by carefully winding the spring onto the cord and align it about halfway up the factory strain relief.  Prepare your Sugru by rolling it into a 1/8 inch snake.

Carefully wind the Sugru around the plug and down to cover the spring, I didn't press the Sugru into the coils of the spring as I wanted the cord to move independantly of the spring.  Shape the Sugru to your liking making the connection to the cord and the plug body.

Step 3: Finished Product