Introduction: Improved Paper Wallet, Vinyl Style

This is an improved version of theRIAA'spaper wallet made out of scrap vinyl. This is an awesome design by theRIAA. By making it from vinyl, it makes it more durable, waterproof (opposed to paper), adds stability to the pockets (Internal and External), and is an awesome material to add your own decals to.

Step 1: Materials

1. Scrap Vinyl, color of your choice, cut to 8.5"X11"
2. Scissors
3. Exacto knife
4. A mind for safety when handling sharp objects!

Step 2: Folding the Wallet

Follow theRIAAs paper wallet instructions up to step 4. When you get to step 4 start, continue reading.

Step 4:
When folding in the flaps, remove the vinyl backing to adhere the vinyl to itself (I found an exacto knife worked best). This adds durability to outside pockets edge.

Step 5: Optional
Use of piece of vinyl instead of tape.

Step 3: Step 6: Cut Edges

Round corners of flaps so it will be easier to apply to the inside of the wallet.

Step 4: Step 7: Cut and Tuck

This part is the trickiest part. Please read over theRIAAs original instructable on Step 7, to understand the Zipper Fold, if not already familiar with it.

1. Peel back first flap and cut off backing.
2. Tuck, carefully, into pocket. (See video)

Step 5: Finished

Now that you have a vinyl wallet, add cool decals to it or just leave it as is! My current vinyl wallet is made out of etched vinyl, it looks like shiny silver. If you have any cool decal ideas or any ideas, let me know!