Introduction: Improving a Pair of Cheap Barbeque Tongs

Here is a set of tongs I picked up cheap from the dollar store, upon trying to use them, I realized a huge fault... THEY COULD NOT PICK UP ANYTHING!!! so I made a few modifications and they are much stronger.  You'll need - tongs, something to cut with, and a hammer. This project can be completed at your nearest

Step 1: Test and Cut

my first test was to see if I could crush an egg with these tongs, as you can see, these have little power. I then cut off a few inches of metal and made some teeth at the end.

Step 2: Final Touches and Retesting

After the cutting I made bends at the end of the sides to make gripping easier. I then retested the tongs and found that I could not only crush the egg, but I could pick up the hammer. Quite the improvement.