Introduction: Improving Your Mini Pump

This is a simple guide to adding a hose to your mini pump.

Anyone who uses the mini pump knows its really hard to get your bike tire up to 100psi, especially with the lack of using your body weight to push down on the pump. Adding a hose allows you to take your mini pump and use it like its a floor pump.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Working mini pump
Broken floor pump
Hose clamp
Old inner tube with a presta valve.

Screw Driver
Pipe Cutter
Box Cutter

Step 2: Cut the Valve.

Cut the valve from inner tube with the pimp cutter.

Step 3: Cut the Hose.

Cut the hose to the desired length from the broken floor pump.

Step 4: Put the Valve in the Hose

The the valve and put it inside of the hose with the cut part inside of the hose, use the hose clamp to tightening it down.

Step 5: Put the Valve Into the Mini Pump and Finish.

Put the other end of the presta valve into the mini pump. You are done, and your mini pump has a hose. I separate the the hose and the pump when I travel to save space, when I need it, I just plug it in and I have my mini floor pump. Eventually I'll add and inline pressure gauge.