Introduction: Improvised 5 Minute Long Meal Recipe

As a 26 year old guy who is a little lazy i do take pride of my improvisation at kitchen when home alone and sometimes a strict list of ingredients. It's my first ever Instructable made and English is not my first language so i feel sorry if mistakes were made. I tried my best. Hope you'll like it.

Step 1: Ingredients

2 small sized cans of tuna
Chopped up dried oregano

Step 2: Making Of

1 - Open both cans of tuna and let the oil drain while doing the following steps.

2 - Get some small cup you can put in the microwave and place inside the following
2.1 - 1 or 1 1/2 Tablespoon of butter (not much more than that or will get a little too greasy)
- 2 coffee spoons of Curry
- 2 desert spoons of chopped up dried oregano

3 - Put the cup in the microwave at 200W for roughly 2 to 2:30 mn, or till you start to hear popping noises.

4 - In the meantime take the tuna out of the cans and mash around to an appearance of mash potatoes.

5 - When the 3rd step is concluded take the cup out and mix everything good with a fork to a homogeneous state and out over the tuna.

6 - And voilá. :)