Improvised Inscence Burner (cones)



Introduction: Improvised Inscence Burner (cones)

love Macguyvering things and music

Step 1: Materials

Can , knife , tape , incense cones
Tape is optional, just to make it less sharp

Step 2: Cutting the Can

Drink whats ever inside the can then cut it with a knife or tin snips

Step 3: Connecting the Two Halves

Cut the can with two or three vertical cuts just long enough to let u put the halves together

Step 4: Tape the Sharp Edges

Optional to make it a little more safe or if u plan on using a few times
(Its not to hold the pieces together but just to dull the edges )

Step 5: Light the Cone

Self explanatory , light and enjoy your favorite scents , the cone i burned is the lilac scent , its a nice smell

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