Introduction: Improvised Tripwire Alarm Siren

Wether it's ocassional unexpected zomby apocalipse in your town, or horrifying possessed vintage animatronics stalking you for, maybe, giving you a hug, despite your objection of phisical contacts, it's good to know when and from where those univited enemies are aproaching you. And, who knows those modern monsters... maybe they don't like loud noices and happily will run away in search of quieter victim rather than chew your brains listening to the mighty roar of cleverly constructed TRIPWIRE-ACTIVATED PUMP-ACTION-PRESSURE...-THING... - POWERED VUVUZELLA-TRAP-THING!

So, finish attaching a circular saw blades to random objects and start looking for the materials.

Step 1:

Ok, concidering the nature of the project I see no reason to go with the exact list of tools and materials.

Although there's two key components of the design I'm suggesting: some common vuvuzella and pump action pressure-gardening-pulverizer...thing (I'll call it Peter), the rest will, probably, depend on what your crafty hands are able to grab all around you, and what your crafty skills and ingenuity are able to deel with.

Probably, you're already know, where it's all going. There's a lot ways this idea can be realized, so I'll show and tell what I did more like for entertaining and inspirational porpouses (also bacause I'm lacking of attenion).

So, you can see the picture - it's the stuff I used, and 'Ill name it in the process, so let's move on.

Step 2:

First of all let's pull that nozzle out of Peter. If you have really strong fingers, congratulations! you can accomplish this project using only one tool.

On Peter I got the functioning of the air valve depends on that white intermediate piece so I'm living it intact.

Step 3:

Now let's make a "push cork". I'm cutting the piece wide enough to fit inside the handle and performing further shaping and carving opperations to accomodate the piece for design porpouses which will be reveald in next step.

Step 4:

And now they are revealed!

Make sure the rubber bands match the colour of whole thing, otherwice the OCD gods will stop talking to you.

Step 5:

When I'm finished with that, I'm taking care of that popsikle stick with a hobby knife.

The little hole is for attaching the trip wire...

Step 6:

... and the notches are for fitting it into Peter's handle thing.

You kind of get the idea of what's going on there mechanicaly. If not... well... there'll be a video.

Step 7:

Now I'm taking the rest of that wine cork (yes, I know it's a different one, but I messed up the first cork so I had to use it's stunt double), and kind of shaping it a bit. It will serve as a support for attached vuvuzella, to accomplish what I'm using electrical tape (and yes, I know it's not even, It bothered me too, so I remade it later). This tape has some springines so it helps to push the nozzle up to the blowhole on the vuvuzella (just make sure those two are coincide..

Step 8:

I'm using circle rubber busshing (is a right word?) to "seal" the connection between the nozle and a blowhole (is it right word too?). Then I'm making another wrap with electrical tape to finally secure all in place.

You'll probably won't stab terminator to death with this thing, but it's not that flimzy as it may look. I definetely could go with more robust and permanent sollution but I'll need Peter doing it's regular gardening job without vuvuzella attached to him after the project is done, and, overall, it's quick and easy solution which will do the job just fine.

Step 9:

The last thing to do is to attach the trip wire. And here's the promissed video, surpisingly not muted by YouTube.

Step 10:

And now, wether it's alien dinosaurs invasion or circus ninja sexual revolution, you can sleep calm... unless, ofcousre, it's Chtulhu... Nothing can save you from Ctulhu...

So, this is it for now...

Step 11:

...thank you for your attention...

Step 12:

...and Cthulhu fhtagn!

P.S.: And yes, you have to pump it up.

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