Introduction: Paperclip IPod Dock

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According to a recent job satisfaction survey, I'm ready to leave my job at a moments notice, so I have nothing personal in my desk. In an effort to liven things up, I brought my iPod Touch to work.

There I was, bored, alone in my cube with nothing to entertain me but work and the movies and videos stored on my iPod touch. Alas there was no practical way I could watch my iPod and appear to be working. I searched my desk for something that might help.

At first, none of my office supplies seemed to be of any use unless I wanted to trust my iPod to some cheap transparent tape. There was one thing that seemed to have possibilities. A large metal paper clip. Not a binder clip, but a single piece of wire bent into a spring shape allegedly capable of holding a small stack of papers together.

What I came up with worked so well, I decided to share it with.. um.. The Internet.

Before we get started. I want to say that I did this Instructable at home because cameras are not allowed where I work. I may not like the place, but I do follow the rules, especially when potential witnesses are near. The only tool I used to create the original was my Leatherman. For the Instructable, I used a few extra items to simplify the explanation.

Here's how I did it.

I hope you find it useful or at least amusing.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Here are the items I used to make the Improvised iPod Stand.

1. Paper
2. Pencil
3. Leatherman, pliers or anything that will help you make small bends in a paper clip
4. A paper clip

Optional - Board With a Nail in It
You can use a board with a nail in it to make some of the larger bends.

Step 2: Straighten the Paper Clip

Bend the paper clip as straight as you can, within reason of course.

Step 3: Measure the Paper Clip

Mark the length of the paper clip on the paper.

Bend the paper so that the two marks meet.

Draw a small line on the crease.
Now you know where to make the first bend.

Yeah. You can use a ruler. You can use anything you want. I had no ruler and trying to eye-ball it isn't as precise as you might think. This was the quickest way I could think of to do the measurement.

Step 4: Bend It Like Uh... Somebody That Bends Things Well

Using the paper as a guide, bend the paper clip right in the middle.

This picture doesn't look right. The plastic covering slid while I was bending the wire and made one end look a bit longer. Even so, precision isn't all that important as long as you're close. This is a pretty flexible design.

Step 5: Measure the Width of Your Device

My iPod is thicker because it's inside a clear acrylic case.

I measured the width by standing it on its side and marking the paper on either side.

We'll need this a little later.

Step 6: Bend the Ends

Bend the two ends over as far as you can.

Make the smallest "J" shaped bend you can.

Then use some pliers or a vice to bend it flat against paper clip..

Go ahead and bend it again at this point.

The idea here is to keep the sharp ends of the paper clip from scratching anything.

Step 7:

From here on, it's pretty straight forward.

Using the marks you made earlier, figure out where to bend it so the whole thing wraps around the bottom edge of your device.

This is a whole lot easier than it sounds.

This makes a hook to keep the iPod from from sliding out of the stand.

Open it to a "V" shape for the next step.

Step 8: Bend Both Legs Out

Bend both legs out, far enough to support the iPod at a comfortable viewing angle.

This took me a few tries before I got it just right.

Bend it.

Check it for balance.

Test it with the weight of the iPod.

Tweak it a bit until you have it just the way you like it.

Then... that's it.

You're Done!!!

Step 9: Smuggle It to Work

If you didn't make at your desk, you'll have to smuggle it in.

You could just put it in your pocket, your purse, your lunch box, your underpants or wherever you want. I'm pretty sure you won't get searched. Just do whatever you find most comfortable.

Strategically place the iPod on it's stand somewhere that passersby won't take notice.

In my case, i put it right in front of the monitor so it looks like I'm staring at the big screen. Little do they know the real show is downstairs. (Uh... That didn't sound right.)

Enjoy the show!

DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't presume to tell you where to stick it. If you get hurt carrying a bent up paper clip in your nether regions, it's your own fault. And another thing, don't blame me if you get a bad employee review because you were watching TV instead of working. Be responsible. Use this knowledge only for good!

BONUS: Give yourself 2 points extra credit if you know what movie was playing on my iPod when I made this Instructable.

(That's it. Quit reading this and go watch something.)

Step 10: 6-Step Paper-Clip IPod Stand Cheat Sheet

Here's an abbreviated version of this Instructable in stick figure format.

I hope it helps to clarify the steps.

This thing is REALLY easy to make.

I'm just not very good at explaining things sometimes.

I hope this helps.