Introduction: Improvised Super Sharp Knife

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Shaving blades are a very cheap product and are changed often. Another sharp knife that is replaced often is utility knife, so I was thinking if shaving knives can be used the same way. In this project i will show you how to turn new or used shaving blades into an improvised utility knife.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

So for this project we will need:


A wooden stick (length is up to you, mine is 7 cm)

A pocket knife

Electric wire

Used or new shaving blade

Working gloves are highly recommended

Step 2: Breaking the Blade

This step takes high caution and wearing gloves is recommended. Now use the pliers to break the plastic of the blade (we wont need it) as you can see the entire blade has three small blades which we will use, from one shaving blade we are able to produce three knives!!. It is important that your blades will have holes in them (these will help us later). Be very careful because the blades are very sharp, even the used ones.

Step 3: Making the Knife's Base

Like in the photo use a knife to make a small crack that has the same length of the blade you use and is not too deep. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Step 4: Sewing

Insert a blade into the gap you created and sew tight it to the wood stick. Keep doing so and when the blade is well secured, roll the rest of the wire around the stick. When the blade is not sharp anymore throw it away and sew another one.

Now go test your knife on stuff and comment how did it work for you.

It should cut through paper, cardboard and more so easily!

-It will also mean a lot if you vote for this guide :)

Step 5: Advice

When I first made this knife I used regular wire to sew and in didn't work so well because it kept being cut so use electric wire :P

Step 6: That's It

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions I will answer them happily.

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