Introduction: In Car Trash Can

In my car I do not have a place for trash, so trash usually ends up all over in different places. Finally I decided that enough was enough, and with a little ingenuity I chose to sew my own in car trash bag!

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies I used for my trash bag were

A pair of old jeans

Some fabric scraps from a button down shirt


sewing machine

Step 2: Cut Fabric

I started by cutting the fabric I needed for my bag.

First I cut one leg off of my old jeans. I then cut a small section out of the jeans so I could expand the width of the trash bag and add a little flair.

The other pieces of fabric I cut were two 2" strips of fabric from an old cotton shirt.

The fabric pieces would be used as both accents and the handle to go over the headrest of my vehicle

I made sure the fabric strips were longer than the jeans so that I could also used them as the handle.

Step 3: Sew

The next step was to sew my fabric strips into my jean bag

I alternated between fabric and jean to create the nice stripped effect. Once everything was sewn it was a nice long fabric tube.

At that point I sewed the bottom of the trash bag shut and hemmed the top of the sewing bag to reduce fraying

Step 4: Sew Handles

At this point I had two pieces of fabric sticking out from the end of the bag. I transformed them into the handle by first hemming the sides of the fabric by folding it over and sewing.

Then I sewed the end of the pieces together, forming the handle loop.

Step 5: Finished

All I had left was to hang my new awesome trash bag in my car. The best place to hang it was behind the passenger headrest. With the handles to one side the bag automatically hangs open for easy access.

My car is now stays a whole lot cleaner!


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