In-Helmet Bluetooth Headset (A2DP)

Introduction: In-Helmet Bluetooth Headset (A2DP)

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Ok Fellows, This would be my First Instructable here.
I had been looking around for a while for proper Music Playing devices which i could fit into my Helmet, so i could ride on tours without getting bored. Most of the Market Products were way to expensive for my taste, and had only one use, i.e. within the helmet. So i figured that i might have to make one for myself..
So then here goes.. (Had made this Instructable in 22-Jan-2011, and had it on my site before.. Thought it would be a good entry here)

The basic Safety rules Apply..
Take Caution while Using Scissors, Needles, Blades, etc..
Use a Paper or Cloth spread beneath your work Surface to avoid Spills and cleanups
MOST Importantly UsE Thou COMMON SENSE (a major factor in avoiding major disasters).

I understand that by attaching a Headset in the Helmet, the Important Sounds (Horns, Passing Vehicles, Human Obstacles, etc. ) might be hard to hear, So how you use your headset, and the outcomes are your own responsibility. Please do not hold me responsible for any untoward incidence. ;)

Step 1: Materials

I just got my Blue-tooth Headset a few days ago. The reason for it to be present in my arsenal was Majorly for Riding Pleasure. So without any further Thoughts to it I went ahead and did some Additions to my Helmet to make it more Long Ride Friendly.

^The Bluetooth Set from Bluedio
In essence i would have gone for any Stereo BT Headset, but i chose this one as it had a 3.5mm jack to attach to various other articles, like stereo systems, headsets, earphones, etc.

NOTE:Before choosing the Headphones, make sure you can here them even from a small distance away from your ears. the reason being that once you attach the headphones in the Helmet, they are not gonna touch your ears, but be at some distance away.

So now the First step was to gather the Material for the Implant. Below is a List of things that might be needed.
#1- A bluetooth Enabled Phone (I had the SE Walkman series W580i, so that was my obvious choice ;)
#2- The BT Receiver
#3- Headphones with a 3.5mm jack (to connect to the 3.5mm jill of the BT Receiver) (I had these Panasonic Headsets as a faithful companion to almost all my rides. you can see that from the worn out foam padding. So again this was my obvious choice).
#4- Some Foam Sheet. (This i took from a New Shirt Packaging from Diwali). And an Old Jeans Leg Peice (Some other material may also do, but i chose Jeans as i already had them and the Fold at the Bottom of the Legs has the essential bump to hold the Clip firmly in Place, You'll get the idea later)
#5- Misc Items- Thread, cello-tape, Fevicol (White Glue), Water, Paper Napkins / Soft Cloth, Scissors etc.

#6- And Finally the Helmet. I have the Vega Boolean with detachable Internal Organs. So this I detached and Cleaned so the Cello-tape will stick properly.

^The Helmet Completely Separated. (and yes That is my pet Tortoise in the Background)

HINDSIGHT: After using this Contraption for almost more than a Year, i have had (and am still having) fun while riding. In the City, i put on Music at very Low Volumes, to drown out the Traffic Noise, And on Long Rides, i crank it up a tad bit more, to compensate for Wind Blast. As the Headphones do not press against my ears, there is enough area from where ambient sounds can enter.. in fact i have been able to a rather funny conversation going on another bike (between Rider and Pillion) even with my favorite music playing.

Next up the Procedure..

Step 2: Procedure- Prepping the Helmet.

Before I Started taking the Helmet apart, I made some Markings on the Helmet Shell Where the Headphones would Fit. (See the Image Below). The reddish Line is the Marking made. It is basically the Hollow Area beside the ear in the Helmet Padding.

Then i removed all the Padding and Dumped it in the Washing machine. Cleaned the Thermocole Lining with a Damp Cloth, and Same with the Shell.. A clean shell helps in holding the Stuff Together, and is also more hygienic per se...

Step 3: Pouch'ing the Headphone

Next I made Small pouches to fit the headphones in snugly. (Sorry i forgot to take photos of the Pouches). The pouches are made from the Foam Material, and reason is, it gives it some insulation from vibrations and keeps it in place. secondly if i ever want to replace wash the helmet it will be easy to pry it off.
I used a lot of Cello-tape and fixed the Pouches in place and also routed the wiring so it doesn't hang loosely, in the ear tunnel, and also out of harms way.

^Notice the Pouches made from the Packing Foam Sheet. and also the generous amount of Cello-tape ;)

Next i looped the rest of the wire at the back. and taped it in place.
^The looped up wire. Try not to get it into a Round coil. that would magnify the Magnetic fields. Arranging them in a zig-zag fashion hopefully cancels out the magnetic fields, (although there is nothing to worry about, as the force is very weak for such devices, might take a hundred years for you to go crazy ;) )
Also leave the Jack with a small length of wire free towards the Right Cheek Padding.

Step 4: The BT Pocket

Next i cut a small strip of jeans leg side and attached it to the RIGHT SIDE padding. the reason being, i can operate it if necessary with my left finger, even while riding (although most functions are gonna be automatic, i prefer it to be semi-auto) See the second-last photo for clarity
^The attached Jeans Strip to the Padding. Make sure that the Bead of jeans is on the top side. Stitch the patch into place and make a clean work of it. If you aren't good with needles and thread, you can take Adult / Female - Supervision / assistance ;)

^A shot of the Patch from where it was taken and where it ended

Step 5: Finishing It Up

^The snugly fit Padding. Also note the jack which i stitched into place with simple loops of thread, so i don't have to search for it every time.

^The BT unit in Place and Working.

^Ready to Ride to the Groove.

Hope you enjoyed the Instructable. Now to find a suitable ride plan to test its Potential. At Initial Stages (read in the room with no disturbances), i had to actually set the volume to half level to enjoy the music without hurting my ears. So my theory is that in actual High speed conditions (read windblast) all i have to do is crank up the volume a tad bit and am set to rippppppppppp.

Feedback / Tips From Self:
I have been using this Device for more than a Year now, and it works absolutely Fine.. The Tiny Devices battery can play songs for about 2Hr non-Stop at Full Volume.. so if you keep the Volume to 80%, chances of increasing use time is greater.
As it is a A2DP Unit, i have had no problems taking calls too.. Although the windblast is to great to have a proper conversation, so i just slow down and ride at the edge of the road at low speeds to carry on.. Cant make calls though, havent been able to do the Voice Dial setting on the Phone, so to make a call, i stop by the road side, make the call, and then move. Much Safer this way..
Also you only get an indication that an SMS has come, so i usually read it, only when i Halt for a break.

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    9 years ago on Step 5

    I like it. I have considered this mod myself windage is allways an issue with the mic but i found a throat mic worked best (wired not blue tooth) however my bluetooth adapter has biult in mic and is incompatable with piezzo of throat mic. pluss buttons not good with gloves on


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    well gloves usually play spoilsport, but with some physical memory, of the positioning of the buttons, you usually tend to get over the problem after a few days usage.
    Wind noise is always a problem, but again it is advisable to slow down to manageable speeds while conversing (Discouraged by the Authorities though).. so that the wind noise lessens, and is easy both for you, and the person on the other end...
    Good Luck with your mod, and do post the pics here..


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What bluetooth receiver are you using? I like how it's on the inside.

    R36 Clip Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Headphone I was thinking of using


    Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP AVRCP Stereo Music Receiver and Handsfree

    What do you think?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Well Basically, what BT device you use is entirely up to you.. Your Preferences regarding Price, ease of Operation, Run-time etc, all depend.
    I chose this as it had the following options
    1- Start / Stop Music
    2- Skip to Previous / Next Track
    3- Increase / Decrease Volume
    4- Pickup / End Calls
    Anyways, i used this model as i was already using it, and although it had a slightly less runtime (around 3hrs of music), it was sufficient for most of my rides.
    Best of luck with your MOD, and please do post its pics here once done...


    8 years ago

    hi chaitanya, check my video, I had made my vega helmet into bluetooth helmet, its looks more sustain


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thats Nice.. Unfortunately i cant view the Video right now, due to some "technical Difficulties".. But will surely Check it out..