Introduction: In Your Pocket Altoids Tin C.S.I. Kit

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Ever find yourself at a crime scene and have no tools for investigation? What a bummer! Well, never again! Tuck this little kit into your pocket and be ready for the best and worst of crimes. Inside you will find all the basic equipment you need for you to put together your own crime scene investigation kit!

I will show you step by step from altering the Altoids tin to gathering all your items and making your own unofficial badge! All you need is an Altoids or similar tin. Some black leather to line it with, inside and out. I used an old black leather tri-fold wallet. Then fill with the perfect tools for the job that fit right inside.
Crimes happen daily! Be prepared!

This is intended for amusement only. A fun & unique gift for your favorite C.S.I. wannabe! Or cute to use for a C.S.I. birthday party. Have fun!

Optional shown felt doughnut and reflector strip don't fit in the tin but won't melt in your pocket.

Step 1: Trace, Size, Cut & Place.

Trace the tin lid and bottom onto a clean sheet of white paper.
Label the top piece from the bottom.
Cut out pattern pieces along the trace lines.
Pin onto your fabric.
Cut around the fabric of your choice using scissors, following the pattern line.
Apply a layer of heavy glue like mod podge to the top of the tin.
Carefully apply fabric to the glue on the lid.
Use a roller or your hand to smooth any rough spots. Let dry. Repeat bottom inside, top and bottom.
Optional-If the tin is embossed, you can place a piece of duct tape over it to minimize the effect before gluing the fabric down.

Step 2: Badge

Print this badge out to fasten to the inside lid so you can open and flash your badge as you arrive on scene.

Step 3: Inside Operation

I've gathered all the things you are going to need to investigate a crime scene to fit right inside your tin. Includes crime scene tape for cordoning off the premises, notepad & pencil to take down information, outlining chalk to trace bodies, tweezers to pick up evidence, evidence bags with labels, cotton swabs, evidence markers, magnifying glass, finger print dusting powder with brush, rubber glove and badge. All fits in the tin which fits right into your pocket!

Now you are equipped to be an unofficial crime scene investigator! Have fun and stay safe!

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