Introduction: In the Act: Repair a PSU

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Having seen several of these 350W Antec PC PSU's with some sort of issue, i decided to go against what everyone said and look at fixing one.
I had 2 at my disposal, both of them had 2 bad capacitors, and one of them had a chip on it that quite literally exploded. the one that didnt have a chip issue had lots of smaller issues, like the wires on the 12v line had somehow been overloaded and the rubber casing had begun to melt off, i didnt trust it.
So I took my chances with the chip one. I removed the (assumed) good chip from the "wires" power supply, and took the chip out of the "chip" power supply. from what i could read on chip's chip, the 2 chips seemed to be a similar one, other than blowing out the new chip, nothing really could go wrong.
But after trying and trying i could not maneuver the new chip into place on the board because a sub-board was in the way, it was a wonder I got the old one out.
I decided to try soldering it on surface mount style, and this is the result.
i havent tested the PSU yet because 2 of the pins bridged while i was soldering the chip onto the board, once i get the bridge fixed, and find new capacitors (10v 1000+uF) i will test the PSU and post back on here with the results.

This is more of a proof of concept project, i have no data to prove it will work, as i never do, but its worth a shot when youve got nothing to lose. i also really neeeded something more than 145W for my latest project.