Introduction: Incense Burner Wine Bottle

Nice way to keep the ashes in check.

Sorry there aren't more images. Next project I promise to take more photos.

Step 1: Clean Bottle With Isopropyl Alcohol

You will see the difference it makes cleaning glass with alcohol.

Step 2: Drill Vent Holes

I have seen 3 on one side, one on each side near the bottom, or one hole ventilation.

This allows the air to flow up into the chamber and not stifle the burning incense.

Use a glass drill bit. We used a Dremel.

Step 3: Tape Off Any Windows You Want Into the Bottle

We used painters tape ripped into strips.

Step 4: Paint the Bottle

We used acrylic paint from the craft store. Any paint that works on glass is fine.

After painting, the paint bottle suggests putting the finished product into the oven at 325° for 20 min or so to set the paint. Follow instructions on the bottle.

I applied twine with home-made white glue and let dry. I covered the twine in shellac which ended up orange after setting the paint in the oven.

Step 5: Create Wire Hanger

We used some heavy gaged wire and pliers. Takes some practice but overall very easy to wrap into a circular pattern. The top clip that holds the incense stick works similar to a paperclip. You could also use a keychain ring with string weight attached.

We also added a charm to the end.