Introduction: Incense Burner From an Upcycled Can

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In this instructable you'll learn how you can upcycle a can into a very nice incense burner.

Step 1: What You'll Need

This is a list of the tools and materials you will need.

Unfortunately not all of them are in the photo :D

So, you will need:

- one can

- one knife

- a pair of metal scissors

- a pair of pliers

- one ruller

- a marker

- a plastic bottle

- 2 toothpicks

- a heat source(one candle works fine)

- one hammer

- one nail(or screw, or screwdriver or something sharp and made out of metal)

- glue(during the process I discovered that the glue-gun is the best for this project)

- paint(acrylic are very good and they stick to the can)

- a piece of wood/linoleum/metal(for the support stand)

- brushes

- creativity

Step 2: Flatten the Inside Edge of the Can

This is very important if you want your fingers uncut.

To do this, use the hammer(the narrow side of it) to bend the inside rim INWARDS.
Apply pressure while you bend the rim.
Don't hit it with the hammer because it won't look smooth and rounded.

Have patience at this step, because I consider it very important.
After you've bent the rim, go a few times over it with the hammer while you apply pressure - not hitting! - so you make sure everything is smooth and un-sharp.

Step 3: Clean the Can

First you will need to clean the label off the can.

TIP: wash it with warm water while you scrub it with a knife or steel-wool

Step 4: Cut Your Can in Half

After you've removed the label you will find a dark line on the can, from the manufacturing when they make it cylindrical.

You can use that line to cut one side. For the other, and the bottom, you will need to measure it and make a mark across.

Following your mark and the mark from the manufacturing, start cutting your can until you have 2 halves.



Step 5: Flatten the Edges

On this step, you have to use the hammer to flatten the sharp edges.

The edges won't be straight so you have to make them straight.

Step 6: Punch Some Holes in It

These holes will make sure that the smoke from your incense comes out.

You can make them into a particular pattern or just random.
Have fun, be creative! :)

Also on this step, make a small hole at one of the can's ends. This hole will hold your incense to burn.

Step 7: Glue Your Halves Together

Place the 2 halves facing each other with the opening inwards.

Using the glue-gun, glue them together.

First I tried to glue them with another type of glue and failed.
Lesson learned :)

Step 8: Make Your Hinges

Using a plastic bottle we will make 6(or more) hinges.

First you have to cut stripes of plastic from a plastic bottle.
Make sure they have the same length and width.

First cut the bottle into strips of plastic

After that, take 2 toothpicks and cut their ends.

Measure the toothpicks in order to fit 3 widths of a plastic strips. Every stick will have 3 hinges on it.

Using the heat source(the candle) flatten the plastic strips.
To do this, place them over the flame for 1-2 seconds and then pull from each end outwards. This will make them be a bit flatter

Be careful when using fire and plastic. Burns may occur. Also do this in a ventilated room and have some water around.

After you flattened them, bend each strip over the stick. Bend it so it will stay in one place, making a hole where the stick can fit.

Repeat this step for all your strips.

After you have all 6 strips of plastic bent, place some glue on them and secure them with some clothes-pins.

Leave them to dry.

Step 9: Make the Supporting Stand

I used a piece of linoleum that I had around.

Measure it so it can hold up the incense burner and gives some room around

Step 10: Glue the Hinges

Glue your hinges to the can and afterwards to your support.

Step 11: Decorate!

Using the paint and your imagination decorate your new incense burner! :)

Step 12: Enjoy It!