Introduction: Incline Bench Chair

Materials you need:

4 ft. of 3/4 x 12 piece of plywood or solid wood 3 ft. of 1 x 2 wood 8 ft. of 2 x 2 wood 8 ft. of 4 x 4 wood post 1 (#10) 8" bolt and nut 2 (#8) 3" bolt and nuts 1 (#10) 12" bolt/screw and 4 bolt nuts 8 (#10) nylon washers 14 (#10) flat washers 4-3 inch long lag screws 4 rubber or rubberized feet Some nails and wood glue Wood stain and Polyurethane protective sealant (Optional)

Tools you need: Circular saw Miter saw (optional) Power drill with drill bits, Forstner bit and the like (used to counter sink lag screws) Wood chisel Socket wrench/ pliers Hammer Sander or Sand paper


Table of contents

Materials you need

Step 1-6 : steps to assemble project

Step 7 : video of how it works

Step 1:

Gather all materials and begin your build

Step 2:

Attach the legs to the base of your bench

Step 3:

Add supporters to the legs of your bench

Step 4:

Use hinge attach the incline part of your bench

Step 5:

Add back support beam to the back of the bench

Step 6:

Finish with final support beams across the top of your bench

Step 7:

Enjoy the incline.